UPDATE: Body of Proof made it to the final round. You can vote as many times as you’d like here: Save One Show contest link. Just vote then ‘refresh’ the page to vote again.

E! Online is holding a competition for TV shows in danger of cancellation.  The competition is entitled “Save One Show” (#SaveOneShow). In this online competition, fans cast as many votes as they can for their favorite show. (This means that Body of Proof fans vote until their fingers bleed.) So far Body of Proof fans have competed in 2 rounds and have won them both. How fantastic is that??

Here’s a recap of the first two rounds:

ROUND 1: The first round involved 20 endangered shows that were nominated by fans on Twitter. Each fan was able to cast as many votes as they wished for their favorite show. Not only did Body of Proof fans rise to the occasion, but they made themselves untouchable. There were a few times that Ringer fans started to catch up, but ‘BOPers’ stood their ground and won the first round.

ROUND 2: This round included the top 10 ranked shows from round 1. The shows that made it to round 2 were: BODY OF PROOF, Community, Cougar Town, CSI- New York, Fringe, Hart of Dixie, Nikita, Pan Am, Ringer, and The Secret Circle. The only show that posed a threat to Body of Proof was Ringer, but we managed to maintain a comfortable (sometimes not so cozy) lead until the poll closed. Again, Body of Proof fans won the round and proved just how passionate they are about the show.

We are awaiting details for the next round, but E! has hinted that it will be a ‘wild card’ round. Although they have yet to be specific, we assume that this round will not involve Body of Proof. The ‘wild card’ round will most likely be a chance for one of the defeated shows to earn a spot in the final round as, well, a ‘wild card’. If the competition plays out like years past, the final round will consist of the top 5 ranking shows from round 2 and the winner of the wild card round.

Here’s where you are needed…

The final round will most likely open on the morning of Monday, April 23rd (PDT). Again, according to years past, this round will probably be the FINAL ROUND. Body of Proof fans will need every vote they can get.

We hope that you will join the BODY OF PROOF ARMY and vote till your fingers just can’t vote anymore! We are a passionate fan group …let’s prove it! We ARE the proof!

PS: This competition is all about having FUN. Please stay positive and cordial to the fans of other shows. We are a unique fan group made up of kind and passionate people. Isn’t that how we want to be remembered?

Follow us on Twitter for updates about the final round: @Season3forBOP.

You may also want to follow Buddy O’Proof and DanaDelanycom as they have also provided helpful updates on the show and the E! Save One Show competition,

Get your ‘click’ on!


It’s up to YOU to vote!

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Well, body of proof fans, we did it! We clicked until we could click no more and pulled through the E! Online Save One Show Competition with a whopping 25%. This is 8% higher than the runner up. Be proud, fans, be proud.

Now, as exciting as last week was we are counting on you and hoping you are ready for the big Round Two. The round that could send us to the top meaning that E! Online will help in the fans efforts to keep Body of Proof on our screens.

On April 16, 2012 the Round Two shows will be posted and voting will open once again. This means we need to outvote 9 other shows’ fan bases. We can do it! As the week progresses just remember to constantly fill your twitter timelines with the hashtags, #SaveOneShow and #BodyofProof. Be sure to tell your friends and family to help vote as well, every vote counts and makes a difference. As we’ve seen this week, it only takes a few seconds to vote and what could be more fun than making a sentence out of the security words as Dana has been doing?! (ie: Animal fear pocket snake) 😉

We hope the efforts of the fans and actors make a difference and Body of Proof graces our screens for many seasons to come. With that being said, never forget to just HAVE FUN campaigning!

A very special thank you to Dana Delany, Jeri Ryan, Matthew Gross, John Carroll Lynch, Anya Adams, and Susanna Puisto for voting and keeping up the hype as well.

Reset your clickers and begin voting April 16, 2012. WE CAN DO IT!



The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

BODY OF PROOF:”Going Viral” Webisode #1 

BODY OF PROOF:”Going Viral” Webisode #2

BODY OF PROOF:”Going Viral” Webisode #3

BODY OF PROOF:”Going Viral” Webisode #4

BODY OF PROOF:”Going Viral” Webisode #5

PLEASE REMEMBER: You MUST tweet the following in order to be eligible for a prize:

“The #BodyofProof #GoingViral webisodes have just gone viral. http://abc.tv/BOPGoingViral RT for your chance to win with @Season3forBOP”

Body of Proof Fans:

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

Affiliates of ABC have taken notice of the energy displayed during this campaign and have asked us to host an EXCLUSIVE promotion for the upcoming “Going Viral” episode of Body of Proof. They’ve even provided us prizes to give away.

This means that our voices are being heard, and we have a HUGE opportunity!

The details of the ABC Body of Proof “Going Viral” promotion:

In addition to the two part “Going Viral” episode (airing on 3/27), five (3 minute long) companion videos have been filmed.

These videos feature additional scenes and content only available online. The five videos are called the “Going Viral webisodes”.

Our campaign was asked to host the EXCLUSIVE promotion for these webisodes.

ABC provided three prizes for us to give away at the end of this promotion!

Here’s what we will be doing:

On Monday, March 26th, ABC will give us the EXCLUSIVE link to the first “Going Viral” webisode.

Release dates for the webisodes:

Webisode 1 – March 27

Webisode 2 – March 28

Webisode 3 – March 29

Webisode 4 – April 2

Webisode 5 – April 3 (The 2nd part of “Going Viral” airs on ABC at 10|9c)

We will be using this WordPress page as the main location for all information. All of our tweets, Facebook posts, Tumblr posts, Google +1’s, etc., will point back to this site.


ABC has provided us with 3 prizes to give away.

Here are the requirements in order to be eligible to win:

1.  (Mandatory) You must tweet the following:

“The#BodyofProof #GoingViral webisodes have just gone viral. RT for your chance to win with @Season3forBOP”

2.   You MUST use “#GoingViral” and “#BodyofProof”hashtags in ALL tweets.

3.   Any additional posts, tweets, shares etc., will increase your chances of winning a prize. This will not be a random drawing of winners. Our campaign team will be awarding the prizes to the Body of Proof fan who shares the most content. It will come down to numbers.

4.   If you want our @Season3forBOP team to see how you’re promoting, tweet us to tell us what you’ve done. (Again, use the #GoingViral hashtag.)

5.   ABC informed us that the prizes are available to US residents only. We realize the HUGE impact that the international fans have on the show and have decided to give away a prize of our own. This prize will be available to anyone in the world (sorry extraterrestrial fans) and WILL NOT be based off numbers. If you tweet the language mentioned in requirement #1 (listed above), your name will be placed into a drawing for this prize. The details are still in the works, but we assure you that it will be excellent! 🙂

So here’s what you do to participate:

This is a HUGE opportunity for our campaign. This is just proof that your voice is making a difference.

1.      Tweet about #GoingViral and #BodyofProof

2.      Share a link to this site. Our site’s traffic and comments are what got us this EXCLUSIVE opportunity.

3.      Encourage the Body of Proof cast/crew to share our site link.

4.      Encourage other celebrities and friends to share our site link.

5.      The Body of Proof fan that works the hardest will win a prize from ABC or a prize from our team.

6.      GET EXCITED! It’s contagious… like a virus. LET’S GO VIRAL!

Again, thank you for all of your hard work!

Also let’s give a big thank you to Mr. John Carroll Lynch (Detective Bud) who visited commented on our site. We encourage all of the cast and crew to join in on the fun. This campaign is for ALL of us. Let’s have some fun!

Love and thanks,

Your Body of Proof campaign organizers


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Word on the street is that ABC’s announcing their Fall schedule on May 15th, 2012.

What does this mean for Body of Proof fans?
We need to step up our game!

Here’s what we need from you:

1. Watch Body of Proof LIVE!

(Tuesdays at 10|9c)

-Good ratings are imperative for a season 3.

2. Tweet about Body of Proof.

-Mention #bodyofproof in your tweets.

-Mention @ABC_Publicity & @BodyofProofABC

 3. CALL and WRITE to Paul Lee.

(ABC Entertainment Group President) 

-You can find all of the contact information HERE.


Please remember: We need ALL of you for our campaign to be successful. Thank you.

How are you helping?

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Are you writing letters to Paul Lee?

Are you making phone calls to ABC?

Have you signed the Twitition (Twitter petition)?

Anything you have done to help out our campaign is hugely appreciated! Please comment below and tell us how you are participating in the Season 3 campaign.

We need ALL OF YOU in order to make a statement to ABC and Paul Lee.  YOUR VOICE COUNTS!

If you have questions, concerns, or ideas about our campaign, please email us at BodyOProof3Campaign@Gmail.com.

-Body of Proof Fans

Welcome to our site. If you enjoy Body of Proof as much as we do please follow along and commit to helping us campaign for a SEASON 3.

Paul Lee is the current president of ABC Entertainment Group. Our goal is to let Mr. Lee know how much we all love Body of Proof, and ask him to renew it for a third season.  He recently admitted that he’s a big fan of the lovely Dana Delany and that he would like to see the show stick around, but it is important to let him know that he’s not alone. We NEED your help in order to get a message to him. Will you join us?

When you contact him please keep in mind that he is on our side. Let’s be persistent, but kind!

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