Body Of Proof Season 3 Campaign

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Welcome to our site. If you enjoy Body of Proof as much as we do please follow along and commit to helping us campaign for a SEASON 3.

Paul Lee is the current president of ABC Entertainment Group. Our goal is to let Mr. Lee know how much we all love Body of Proof, and ask him to renew it for a third season.  He recently admitted that he’s a big fan of the lovely Dana Delany and that he would like to see the show stick around, but it is important to let him know that he’s not alone. We NEED your help in order to get a message to him. Will you join us?

When you contact him please keep in mind that he is on our side. Let’s be persistent, but kind!

These are a few ways you can help:

Here is his contact information, followed by a few tips to help you decide what to write/say:

1. Mail (Most effective.)

Mr. Paul Lee

ABC Entertainment Group

500 S. Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521-4588

Please print off the postcard we have created and write a message on the back or create a hand-written letter expressing your desire for further seasons of Body of Proof. Be honest when you write and tell him what you enjoy about the show. One note sent through the mail to the network is worth thousands of emails.

2. Phone call

Leave a brief message on the ABC viewer feedback line.

  • Dial 1-818-460-7477 -wait for the list of options.
  • Press “1” for the ABC network.
  • Press “2 “to leave a (30 second) comment.
  • Press “2″ for a list of primetime shows,
  • Wait a second then press “270″ for Body of Proof.

You can also call ABC’s Burbank office to leave Mr. Lee a brief, friendly message:

  • 1-818-560-1000 (Burbank, CA)
  • Press “2”
  • Ask for Paul Lee’s voicemail, and leave him a very polite, short message, which will be recorded and saved.
  • We suggest that you make your voicemail short and sweet. Remember, Paul likes Body of Proof.

3. Emails

The best email address to use is Paul Lee’s:

FYI, emails sent to his account are filtered and monitored.

You can use the contact form on the ABC site to submit a “Complaint”, but this method is less effective than emailing Paul Lee directly.

Here’s the link:

In all of your correspondence with Mr. Lee and ABC please keep these tips in mind:

  • DO tell him your demographic information (ex. age, gender, and a general idea of where you reside) so they see Body of Proof’s broad fan base.
  • DO be polite and respectful.
  • DO keep letters/calls/emails brief and to the point.
  • DON’T threaten to boycott ABC. That has no impact.
  • DON’T diss other ABC shows or use this as an opportunity to complain about other shows that were canceled by ABC (and have nothing to do with Mr. Lee). Stick to Body of Proof.
  • DON’T bring up things that are negative about the show. We want him to know we are sending an overall, POSITIVE message.
  • DO tell him if you watch your episodes in some way (legally) other than live on TV: iTunes, Hulu,, DVR, ABC Player for iPad, etc.

Tell him you want Body of Proof to get a SEASON 3 and explain why.

  • DO encourage fans you know who are not online (such as parents, grandparents, friends…etc)  to write letters, too.  Every letter counts! You could also print out a few postcards and encourage them to fill them out. Sometimes doing the work for people is the best way to make sure it gets done. 😉


Thank you to everybody who is helping!  This is OUR campaign, and it only works if we get involved and stay passionate until we reach our goal.

Please follow our twitter account (@Season3forBOP). Tweet us, retweet us, mention us, and make sure all of your followers know how passionate you are! PS: don’t forget to include the #BodyOfProof hashtag

Let’s help our favorite cast/crew out in any and every way that we can!


-Body of Proof Fans

  1. Chrissie says:

    This is awesome and I am so happy to help in any way that I can to get another season of Body of Proof!

  2. Alexis Rai says:

    I’m excited to let Paul Lee know just how much we love Body of Proof! Every letter sent truly does matter!

  3. Jesse says:

    This is so very cool and so very well done! Proud to do what I can:)

  4. Michele says:

    I am very excited! Together we can make this happen.

  5. Rae says:

    Well done ladies! Will do what I can : )

  6. rob dickie says:

    i live in southampton England and will get alot of Americian tv, most of it is rubbish but body of proof is one of the best ive seen (better than csi and bone) good acting great actors with good back stories.we have on seen half through season one but this has to go on for along time yet.

  7. Dean says:

    I enjoy the chemistry between the cast and how many interesting directions the show still has to go in! With Jeri Ryan and Dana Delany they both have a large loyal bases of fans, so that was great casting. I think it is a fun show that I will continue to watch – tho I have a few suggestions I think would make a few cool episodes.

    • Thanks for visiting our site, Dean! We’re glad you enjoy Body of Proof as much as we do. Hopefully there will be a season 3 and you can let the writers know a few of your ideas. They are all on Twitter and interact with the BOP fans often so you may get lucky! 😉
      Have you written a letter to Paul Lee to tell him how much you enjoy the show? We could use your help! Thanks again! 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    They have great characters and strong story lines. Bring them back.

  9. corine Walker says:

    I live in Saudi Arabia and look forward to Body of Proof every week. It’s a great show, the cast is amazing and hope there will be a season 3.

    • Saudi Arabia? That’s fantastic! Body of Proof fans are EVERYWHERE! 🙂
      If you haven’t done so already, please send a letter to Paul Lee to let him know you love the show and would like a season 3. We need all of the help we can get! Thanks, Corine!

      • corine walker says:

        signed the petition and sending my letter to Paul Lee. If there is one show that should have an other season, this is the one.

  10. It would be easier to say why I would NOT want a Season 3, since there IS no reason not to. It’s one of the few 1-hr shows I can sit through that is based in reality, not some fad-driven vampire show. TV has too many game/competition shows, and it’s all but ruined the TV experience for me. Most of whats left doesn’t tend to make me tune in, but I never want to miss Body of Proof because it never fails to satisfy. I enjoy every character, and I applaud the writer for making such a vast variety of personality so enjoyable. #TotallyNailedIt

    • Hi Alf!

      We couldn’t agree more. Body of Proof is not your average TV show. Not only is the cast brilliant, but the crew is as well. It definitely deserves a season 3 and we hope you’ll join us in letting Paul Lee (ABC President) know. Your voice matters!

      Thanks for your comment and support!

  11. Caroline Gautier says:

    With Lex and Chele’s genius as well as our passion we can move mountains. So proud to be a #danimalsister

  12. Zaira Beltran says:

    its great

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  14. Cheryl Piencak says:

    Love this show and Dana’s character! I have sent my letter in the mail and “signed” the petition. Let’s get a Season 3 and beyond!

  15. Stephen Brynolfsson says:

    I LOVE the show so much! I live in Sweden and the show airs on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons on Kanal 5 (channel 5). I’ve signed the petition and I am hoping desperately for a Season 3 =D I might even mail a letter (hopefully Swedish fans can do that too).

    Good luck to Body of Proof; greatest medical drama show EVER (in my opinion)!!

  16. Nicole says:

    I just called Paul Lee’s ((:
    I really hope my voicemail helped! I love this show.

  17. Beverly says:

    I just love it…….great actors on it……..Tired of reality shows….HONESTLY HOW MANY DO WE REALLY NEED ………And 95% of the time depending on what YOU like to watch……….TV SUCKS!!! .

  18. Kim says:

    I love Body of Proof!! Let’s save this fantastic show!!!

  19. This show doesn’t rely on news ripped from the headlines or potty humor. It has strong actors and actresses, intriguing plots and quite a bit of humor. It’s refreshing how it mixes serious topics with humor. And with the discovery that Megan’s daughter, Lacey, has type I diabetes it creates an even more compelling series because it not only gives the young actress playing Lacey an even stronger plot line, it makes me more eager to see how the writers have Dana Delany’s character Megan Hunt handle something that’s thrown her for a complete loop and is out of her control. Finally, while type I diabetes isn’t rare you don’t hear a lot about it, and this really gives the industry a chance to teach the public more about it.

    • Nicely put! Whoever did the casting for Body of Proof is genius! We’ve also enjoyed watching the characters develop this season. Hopefully ABC will renew it and we will get to dig a little deeper. Will you join us in our campaign to let Paul Lee know we want a season 3? We need you! 🙂 Thank you!

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  21. Eli says:


    I am from Germany and I simply LOVE the show. I am a fan of the great Dana since years and she simply deserves a 3rd season. She is great and so is the rest of the cast. I love the style of the show, the humor, the exciement and the well written storylines – in one word, I love everything about it.

    Thanks for iniationing this campaign. Keep up the great work. Greetings from over the ocean.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hope it,s not too late to put in my support for season 3 of Body of Proof. Really enjoy the show!

  23. judy c winn says:

    I hope Body of Proof comes back for season 3. It,s areally a great show and worthy of a third season. As a fan I hope it does,it,s hard to find a decent show on tv anymore. Thanks,Judy

  24. mark munden says:

    iam from england and i love body of proof rite from the start and they need to bring it back for season 3

  25. laura says:

    i love the show!!!

  26. George Wilson says:

    I love the show – I love the characters – I love the dramatisation – I love the ad infinitum!

  27. Danielle says:

    I’ve signed the petition and sent a short email to Mr. Lee. Fingers crossed for the show and for Kate!

  28. Dr, VW Mindspring (Psychologist) says:

    hmmmmm. why have I become addicted? …….good actors who are probably good people like those they play—great characters in realistic relationships AND attention-altering story. Nice balance of serious stuff, warmth, charm and humor. i’ll continue to think about it and undoubtedly come up with (ie, verbalize) more.

    i can think of but one small criticism (I rarely have less than 10) and that was re: plot of one episode.

    thanks for a terrific new show!


  29. ilana says:

    i want 3 season because its great show the best .you need more? and its fun to watch. fascinating

  30. Ann says:

    I really enjoyed the show, all the characters were real to us and kept us interested in how they would handle all situations, you can’t just everyone hanging with Peter, like that, or Dana Delaneys daughter , we so need another season of Body of Proof

  31. Anonymous says:

    omg did anyone watch mind games yet?!!! we definately need a season 3! this show has so much potential, it would go really far!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Every Episode gets better every week…also they can’t leave us in the dark about Peter…I know that he’s going to LIVE (he’s got to Live!!), I want to see how his relationship with Megan will be like…after all he did say to Megan, “I’m done looking after you” but then again he risk his life to save her…WOW

  32. Anonymous says:

    I want a season 3 of Body of Proof because I love the show and really feel that Dana Delany is underrated. She is such a great actress and the jucier the scripts the better!! Pull out all the stops next season. Dana will deliver the goods!! Give the viewers a chance to get their teeth into a third season!!

  33. Valya Sacheva says:

    Здравейте,сериалът Body of proof страшно ми харесва и с нетърпение очаквам да има 3 сезон,както и 4,5,6…..

  34. ilana says:

    i think we going to have 3 season. this series will continue

  35. jimg56 says:

    Body Of Proof is one of the BEST shows on TV, it is so well written and the cast are brilliant. I’ve been a Dana Delany admirer/fan for a long time, she is an amazing actress but it is the whole cast that makes the show as good as it is. Long may it continue, it would be a CRIME to take it off the air.
    Jim Scotland

    • ilana says:

      you sad
      body of proof have to continue for 3 season

    • Dean says:

      The show is excellent. I originally started watching because I am a loyal star trek fan and am devoted in support our vast, extended star trek family which Jeri Ryan is huge part of. I feel in love with Dana right away is she is a cougar+! Oh, a gifted actress too! The whole cast is amazing and are excellent singers. It believe it is the interrelationships and the charisma cast that is it’s foundation. The writing is very good and I admire the writing staff however, they occasionally step out of bounds of what would be in the responsibilities of a medical examiner.

  36. ilana says:


  37. I completely love the show!!! It’s interesting, funny, sad…. it’s got moments where all you’re emotions get a chance to be involved. The writers, cast, crew, every single person working on this show is amazing. It’s also very realistic and that is why it is so interesting. The autopsies, Megan cutting open sculls, etc it all looks so realistic and it’s amazing at how much time and effort goes into making an episode. I agree with Anita Resnick (hope its spelled correctly), that adding diabetes in the show was a good decision. People don’t often realise the dangers of those kind of diagnoses and takes their health for granted, but now a number of people will be more clued up. That is another reason why I love this show, it is educational. I definetly want to see more seasons from BOP. You definitely have my support. Thanks for a great show!!!!!

  38. Body Of Proof is one of the BEST shows on TV, we need a season 3, i’ve been posting tweets and posting on facebook. i even subscribed. SEASON 3

  39. lina says:

    body of proof still air here. bat i want when the season 2 bpo and. we will having 3 season

  40. Stephen Brynolfsson says:

    Finally sent in my letter to Paul Lee. My mother and sister sent in one too 🙂 Hope you get it soon!!

    GO Season 3!! =D

  41. Kendra says:

    I will die if u do not do a season 3 of body of proof. U need to make season 3. It is my fav show. I was sreaming when I saw the last episode. I was fake crying the whole day When I say that episode. I live on this show. This is my Tuesday show.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Love body of proof, one of the few shows, that is real, funny, totally absorbing and can be watched over and over again,
    Dana is brilliant as DR HUNT, well supported by the cast members, love the plot lines and sudden twists, cried so much when i saw the danny episode,
    we love it in INDIA :))))))

  43. Kendra says:

    I love this show. U do not know how much this show Means to me. Every Tuesday I can’t wait till body of proof too come on. This show is my life. I bought the ABC app just to watc reruns of body of proof. I love this show soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that I can watch the same episode 24/7 and still not get boroad. I live on this show. This is happy sad. It lets all my emosion out. Body of proof is in my blood. U need to make season 3. If u do not I will cry for the rest of my life. This is my show. My show that will not end it will make season 3 and a 4 and a 5 and as many until the world ends. A lot of people watch this show like me. If u end body of proof u just let millions of people down. 😢😥😭😱😨. U do not want that. I love this show. Please keep it going. Peace ✌ from ur fav fan kendra

  44. lina says:

    went rhe votes over?

  45. lina says:

    when the votes over?

  46. lina says:

    last call

  47. Kim says:

    I have phoned both lines and emailed!! I really love this show and want it renewed!!

  48. Rachel Adams says:

    I LOVE BODY OF PROOF!! Am dying to know what happens next! Characters are heart warming and the show is a new take on life in the M.E’s office! And i love the actors! x

  49. because it is a unique series of its kind

  50. Marina Vashkova says:

    Я очень люблю сериал “Следствие по телу”, т.к. он затрагивает реальные события нашей жизни и не важно где ты живешь в Америки, Африке, Европе… в мире…все моменты сериала правдивы…Игра актеров на высоте, очень профессионально, Большое спасибо Д.Делейни и другим актерам за работу…Жду 3 сезон…

  51. HB Hong Kong says:

    Season 1 have just started to Show in here in Hong Kong, and it is one of the few shows that i actually record it to make sure I don’t miss a show! Please keep the show running…

  52. Tina says:

    England ….. have just watched the last in season 2 😦
    Just want to say that not just me but my partner and son love to watch Body of proof…. my boy for the lovely Megan but I love the story lines and the way all the actors work so well together…… I really can not wait to see what fab story lines come next

  53. Mystery Chick says:

    I just sent an email. So glad I found this website!!!!!!

  54. imauni says:

    omg i thought the show got cancled i was soooo happy there are others who loveeeee bop like me thank god im not the only one yeahhhhhh hope we get it

  55. imauni says:

    i just sent an email yeahhhhhh i feel like im helping lol

  56. Mbarka says:

    HI! I’m from Amsterdam, Holland and I was very pleased to look Body of Proof every week. It’s a great show, the cast is amazing and hope there will be a season 3.
    I love the style of the show, the humor. I’m a big fan from day one and I hope dat this campaign will succeed.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Is it too late to help with a letter to Mr Lee?

  58. Erma says:

    It is sooo enjoyable and down to earth! Lots of pleasure watching Body Of Proof! Please bring the show back?!

  59. Lydia says:

    It is one show that my husband, 17 year old daughter and myself look forward to each week. If we know we won’t be home when it is aired then it is on our top list to be recorded! Then it is one of the first to be watched when we sit down for our family night! Love the show!

  60. - says:

    This website is great. I like it.(

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