Going Viral: Our EXCLUSIVE Body of Proof ABC Promo

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Body of Proof Fans:

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

Affiliates of ABC have taken notice of the energy displayed during this campaign and have asked us to host an EXCLUSIVE promotion for the upcoming “Going Viral” episode of Body of Proof. They’ve even provided us prizes to give away.

This means that our voices are being heard, and we have a HUGE opportunity!

The details of the ABC Body of Proof “Going Viral” promotion:

In addition to the two part “Going Viral” episode (airing on 3/27), five (3 minute long) companion videos have been filmed.

These videos feature additional scenes and content only available online. The five videos are called the “Going Viral webisodes”.

Our campaign was asked to host the EXCLUSIVE promotion for these webisodes.

ABC provided three prizes for us to give away at the end of this promotion!

Here’s what we will be doing:

On Monday, March 26th, ABC will give us the EXCLUSIVE link to the first “Going Viral” webisode.

Release dates for the webisodes:

Webisode 1 – March 27

Webisode 2 – March 28

Webisode 3 – March 29

Webisode 4 – April 2

Webisode 5 – April 3 (The 2nd part of “Going Viral” airs on ABC at 10|9c)

We will be using this WordPress page as the main location for all information. All of our tweets, Facebook posts, Tumblr posts, Google +1’s, etc., will point back to this site.


ABC has provided us with 3 prizes to give away.

Here are the requirements in order to be eligible to win:

1.  (Mandatory) You must tweet the following:

“The#BodyofProof #GoingViral webisodes have just gone viral. RT for your chance to win with @Season3forBOP”

2.   You MUST use “#GoingViral” and “#BodyofProof”hashtags in ALL tweets.

3.   Any additional posts, tweets, shares etc., will increase your chances of winning a prize. This will not be a random drawing of winners. Our campaign team will be awarding the prizes to the Body of Proof fan who shares the most content. It will come down to numbers.

4.   If you want our @Season3forBOP team to see how you’re promoting, tweet us to tell us what you’ve done. (Again, use the #GoingViral hashtag.)

5.   ABC informed us that the prizes are available to US residents only. We realize the HUGE impact that the international fans have on the show and have decided to give away a prize of our own. This prize will be available to anyone in the world (sorry extraterrestrial fans) and WILL NOT be based off numbers. If you tweet the language mentioned in requirement #1 (listed above), your name will be placed into a drawing for this prize. The details are still in the works, but we assure you that it will be excellent! 🙂

So here’s what you do to participate:

This is a HUGE opportunity for our campaign. This is just proof that your voice is making a difference.

1.      Tweet about #GoingViral and #BodyofProof

2.      Share a link to this site. Our site’s traffic and comments are what got us this EXCLUSIVE opportunity.

3.      Encourage the Body of Proof cast/crew to share our site link.

4.      Encourage other celebrities and friends to share our site link.

5.      The Body of Proof fan that works the hardest will win a prize from ABC or a prize from our team.

6.      GET EXCITED! It’s contagious… like a virus. LET’S GO VIRAL!

Again, thank you for all of your hard work!

Also let’s give a big thank you to Mr. John Carroll Lynch (Detective Bud) who visited commented on our site. We encourage all of the cast and crew to join in on the fun. This campaign is for ALL of us. Let’s have some fun!

Love and thanks,

Your Body of Proof campaign organizers

  1. Caroline Gautier says:

    Good shows are very rare nowadays and BOP is not only good but exceptionally good. Cast, crew and staff are amazing and caring and fun. BOP deserves more then just 2 seasons. Good, clean, fun, and interesting entertainment deserves more time. Everyone on BOP is #Rockingawesome xoxo

  2. Good shows are very rare nowadays and BOP is not only good but exceptionally good. Cast, crew and staff are amazing and caring and fun. BOP deserves more then just 2 seasons. Good, clean, fun, and interesting entertainment deserves more time. Everyone on BOP is #Rockingawesome xoxo

  3. Linda says:

    I have been a Dana Delany fan since China Beach. She continues to deliver amazing performances in BOP! She, Jerri Ryan, Nicholas Bishop, and the whole crew have fantastic chemistry, and the writing is equally impressive. Its a must see! Please ABC renew BOP! It won’t let you down!

  4. Morgan says:

    It’s just the greatest show! I love it ever so much & get way excited each week when it comes on whether it’s a new episode or a re-run ABC don’t take away the light in my life.

  5. Robert says:

    BOP is an intelligent alternative to the mindless reality shows that the networks foist on us. The actors are great, the writing is superb, and the quality of the show is beyond most shows whether broadcast or cable. Advertisers on this show get an extra look because of their good taste in sponsoring a show like this. I hope ABC is wise enough to see the gem they have.

  6. Mary Scott says:

    I LOVE DANA DELANY!!! and the rest of the cast, its a great show that actually focuses on the forensic pathologists who do the hard work finding clues from the bodies left at crime scenes. Please keep this show on the air!!!

  7. BoPFan20 says:

    I love this idea. I really want a BoP season three! I would offer a small suggestion. For maximum proliferation of the post, you should have at least one of the prizes be random draw. 100 people retweeting reaches far more people than one person tweeting 100 times. Your average joe knows they won’t win if they have a full time job and many responsibilities and can’t sit around putting themselves in twitter jail (it cuts you of after a while). They would likely retweet once or twice if they were on the fence knowing they have a shot at winning something. People will retweet if they think they have a chance of winning anything.

  8. Emily Shader says:

    This is by far my favorite show of all time. I would be incredibly depressed if it got cancelled. I could watch reruns all day everyday, so I bought season one on DVD and looking forward to purchasing season two and all of the seasons that come after!

  9. wyrdotter says:

    Great ensemble cast, outstanding writing, fun and interesting plots, and not a hint of bogus “reality” anywhere – what’s not to love?? The show is amazing, fun, family-friendly, and entertaining, a rarity these days. BoP is the one and only show I can claim honestly to have never missed a single episode, the only show I schedule around. It’s finding its feet and its audience and deserves another season.

  10. Mike Smith says:

    Reality – as in _LIFE_ not as in sitcom on a stupid island. The cast & crew are simply remarkable, creating a portal to a new world in Pennsylvania on the screen in front of the viewer each week. The talent is evident in how synchronized the teams put the elements together and it’s a real pleasure to be captivated by these artists. I don’t miss a minute of any of the episodes – I can’t – I’m hooked.

  11. There aren’t to many shows that aren’t “reality” shows, I have been following BOP since the beginning, and love the show and cast is awesome. Tonight’s first 5 m intues are so sad, with Danny passing! Cheers, all!

  12. Beverly says:

    tired of allllllllll the reality shows…….I can say this . One night while hubby was off from work he got the chance to watch it with me……omg he loved it and said he would watch it again. let me tell you he hates almost everything .So for him say he liked the show is saying a lot .

  13. Ben Zuba says:

    OMG Me and my mom have fallen in love with body of proof and need there to be a season 3, I just watched episode 18 of season 2 and OMG i cant live without this show!

  14. Bob Forbes says:

    One of my fav shows, hope BOP doesn’t get canceled – this would be a huge ABC network mistake. Sadly, nowadays most people don’t know good acting when they see it.

  15. I think Body Of Proof and Ringer are the best shows of their kind rolling on the boob-tube at present. Both shows have a strong female star able to carry the show with both looks and intelligent talent and story-lines that require some intelligent thought with clever writing. Clearly Body of Proof is often mixed with some lighter sub-plots but the writing and characters are clever and sound. I would hate the morons at ABC to make a huge mistake as they have with their daytime soaps. I feel so strongly that if Body of Proof goes along with clearly the last season of Desperate Housewives and the daytime soaps gone that I will have ZERO reason to tune in to ABC!!! Maybe NBC or CBS with more intelligent minds running it will pick up Body Of Proof?

  16. The unfortunate reality is once we (the general public “aka” the nobodies) hear rumor a show is on the chopping block the network already has it gone and the next show to replace it has already been decided. So none of this means anything.

  17. Lindsay says:

    please please renew renew

  18. zootzoot says:

    I hope this show continues. It’s awesome!!!!

  19. Susan BUrns says:

    The thought of a network taking away yet another good show and creating shows with such trash as GCB give me a break, grown ups want real shows with real content. We finally have strong women who don’t need to scratch each others eyes out or steal their husbands, It also has a great supporting cast where they have not all have walked out of GQ. Please keep BOP.

  20. Eddie L. Wingfield, Jr. says:

    I don’t understand why ABC will cancel this show, I watch it every Week BOP is Awesome to watch there rating have to be high! give it a third season ABC. They always do this, the good shows are the ones that go first & leave the crapy shows on the air. Third time is the Charm.

  21. Anonymous says:

    BOP tops my list of fav shows, dana delaney is brilliant and well supported by her cast members.
    Love the plots, storylines and the character interactions, its funny, serious and just overall entertaining.

  22. Sarah Jones says:

    its a great show i dont want it cancelled, theres not enougth strong dominant woman on the box these days. lets get season 3 approved everyone and prove to all folk that fans really do get a say about what we want to watch not what tv executives think we want to watch!

  23. Cindy says:

    Please approve season 3 of Body of Proof, this is the only show I watch on Tuesday nights. Love it!!!!

  24. Snoopy - FL says:

    The cast is great and they seem to follow what I believe is everyday life in a city or county morgue. It reminds me of a series way back called Quincy, ME. As a kid I loved that show and I love Body of Proof as well. I change channels from CBS to ABC and stay up until 11pm just to watch this show.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Have seen this programme in three countries now and i still find it great its on three channels in uk alibi has the up to date series channel five has series one and watch has just started the series its well acted and it actually does have a plot not like some series that blog up the televison over the pond Keep it going it makes my thursday evenings .

  26. Anonymous says:

    I love this show – Dana is absolutely amazing actress and is able to carry the show with both looks and intelligence. She is an inspiration to us all. Please dont cancel the show

  27. Peggy M says:

    Dana Is wonderful in anything she acts in. I saw her first in China Beach. She really becomes the person she is playing. When she cries, I cry. I feel someone who studies the part as she does, show how much she loves her job. I saw her on the Doctors and she said she watched 3 real autopsy’s and preformed one herself to understand her character. Such a great show and all the characters and writers, deserve to continue to bring a outstanding show to Television.

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