It’s up to YOU to vote!

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, body of proof fans, we did it! We clicked until we could click no more and pulled through the E! Online Save One Show Competition with a whopping 25%. This is 8% higher than the runner up. Be proud, fans, be proud.

Now, as exciting as last week was we are counting on you and hoping you are ready for the big Round Two. The round that could send us to the top meaning that E! Online will help in the fans efforts to keep Body of Proof on our screens.

On April 16, 2012 the Round Two shows will be posted and voting will open once again. This means we need to outvote 9 other shows’ fan bases. We can do it! As the week progresses just remember to constantly fill your twitter timelines with the hashtags, #SaveOneShow and #BodyofProof. Be sure to tell your friends and family to help vote as well, every vote counts and makes a difference. As we’ve seen this week, it only takes a few seconds to vote and what could be more fun than making a sentence out of the security words as Dana has been doing?! (ie: Animal fear pocket snake) 😉

We hope the efforts of the fans and actors make a difference and Body of Proof graces our screens for many seasons to come. With that being said, never forget to just HAVE FUN campaigning!

A very special thank you to Dana Delany, Jeri Ryan, Matthew Gross, John Carroll Lynch, Anya Adams, and Susanna Puisto for voting and keeping up the hype as well.

Reset your clickers and begin voting April 16, 2012. WE CAN DO IT!


  1. Brian says:

    I love the show and the cast is great!always an exciting story and the characters are so perfect together…easily one of the Best shows on TV!

  2. chrissiexoxo says:

    We can do this! Body of Proof fans are awesome and so dedicated! Bring on Round 2!

  3. AnnRussian says:

    Body proof the best! We vote for 3 seasons! We vote for protagonists! Dana is a fine fellow!

  4. lina says:

    i vote tii the last votes closed

  5. I’ll hope and spread the word in everything I can! I love this show and all this effort is just amazing! The cast deserves all of this! Thank you for doing this. We’re gonna make it to season 3. 😀

  6. Martha Graham says:

    I love it. It’s engaging and captivating. Love the reality and the great acting. LOVE Dana Delany. We tape every episode incase we miss one.

  7. Rene says:

    I love this show!!!!! I hate reality tv, it keeps the you wanting more and more!!!!! DONT. Cancel this show it’s one of the better one out there!!! The cast is perfect together Dana Delany is one of my favorite actresses out there in fact it would be ashame to lose all the great talent you have together on this show!!!!

  8. I totally love this show and Dana Delany is awesome as Dr Megan Hunt, the tv has been crap until Body Of Proof came on and i fell in love with the show. Dana is an awesome actress that betrays Megan brilliantly and u should want to keep this show running as Dana brilliant and the rest of the cast is brilliant. The writing is great.I love it and i would love to see what happens between Megan and Peter as u know they love eachother so would be great to see what happens with them. Keep this show going as u have the one and only Dana Delany which is awesome x

  9. Anonymous says:

    yot tel me if we not going to have 3 season, i il kill abc no way

  10. yael says:

    you tel me if we not going to have 3 season i m goging to kill abc no way

  11. David says:

    It made my week to see Body of Proof, with its wonderful cast, so please bring it back for season 3 and beyond !!!

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